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  • MCAS Miramar, Bob Hope Theater
  • Comedy Hideaway - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Comedy Hideaway - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Irvine Improv
  • Stella Adler Theatre, Los Angeles
  • Comedy Pop Up, Silver Lake, CA
  • El Cid, Los Angeles
  • Comedy Store Belly Room
  • Flappers, Burbank
  • The Plus Bus Los Angeles
  • Flappers, Burbank
  • Westside Comedy Theatre, Santa Monica
  • Hollywood Improv Main Room
  • Pasadena Ice House Main Room
  • Westside Comedy Theatre - Santa Monica, CA
  • Hollywood Improv Lab
  • Best of the Burbank Comedy Festival
  • LA Connection, Burbank, CA
  • Ontario, CA Improv
  • Flappers Burbank, CA
  • Flappers Burbank, CA
  • Middle Eastern Comedy Jam - Malaysia
  • HaHa Comedy Club in North Hollywood, CA
  • Hollywood Improv
  • The Ruby - Los Angeles, CA
  • Hollywood Improv
  • Private 50th Birthday Party
  • Hemet, CA
  • Funny As F***k
  • Facial Recognition
  • Irvine Improv
  • Bar Lubitsch




Stand-up Comedian
TV Host


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A little bit about myself...

Crystal Marie Denha is a  TV Host and Standup Comedian. You've seen her as a special correspondent for EXTRA, HBO Boxing, Sunrise Australia (#1 breakfast show in Australia) & HLN’s The Daily Share. She has also served as MC of HBO’s live red carpet events. She first gained recognition on the web, as the host, producer and creator of the popular sports channel The Fumble. Her videos garnered over 300 million views before she moved on to television. 

Crystal Marie performs standup regularly in Los Angeles and New York. For material, she taps her experiences as a first generation, Catholic, Iraqi woman growing up in Detroit. 



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